High School Partnerships

Campus High School Programs

博天堂官方’s Campus High School Program (CHSP) provides the opportunity for high school age students to take college classes and begin earning their college degree and transfer the credits from their college classes back to their high schools to count toward their high school diploma.

Many high schools in partnership with 博天堂官方 provide financial assistance with tuition and books for their students to take college classes. The support varies from school to school and students must contact a high school counselor or their program coordinator to learn what opportunities are available. 

For more information contact Jeanine Howell, 541-917-4236.

Steps to becoming a student with the Campus High School Program

  1. Students interested in attending college classes should first talk with their high school counselors about eligibility. 
  2. Students not approved by their high school, and Home School students, can participate in CHSP as a self-pay and will work directly with the High School Partnership office (HSP).

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